Construction Update

With 400 kids/day a facility suffers a lot of ST 2013 Construction Updatewear and tear, especially when children have never been taught to take care of things. We have been working to teach the teachers as well as the students that the Bible teaches, “to whom much is given, much is required.” We emphasize that in the school they have been give much and their requirement is to take care of what God has given them; that’s difficult when their entire world is one of trash, littering and little regard for how things look. We have made the teachers accountable for their classrooms and they in turn have made the students accountable and we are beginning to see progress, baby steps but progress, nonetheless. Instead of instinctively throwing trash on the ground, they now look for a receptacle, maybe not a big deal to you, but HUGE to us.

During school vacation a long-time prayer was answered. I’ve always wanted verses of Scripture written over each classroom, a spoken word as it were, over the class and the students, one that they will read and hopefully commit to memory during the school year. Every classroom as well as the cafetorium, administrator’s office and kitchen now has Scripture over its entrance.

In addition, our Administrator has identified each classroom as a “tribe”, one of the tri bes of Israel. The idea is for each class to learn all they can about their “tribe.” It will hopefully give them a sense of identity and increase their curiosity and knowledge of God’s relationship with the nation of Israel.

We’re also in the process of putting a permanent fence around the school’s garden and a team from Indianapolis recently built three planters in front of the classrooms. God willing we will have two playground sets assembled and ready for use by April. These things may not sound like much to the typical American but these are “biggies” to our kids and us. It’s also an affirmation to the kids and the community that we are here to stay and that their children are just as important to God as children in higher economic and social levels. These are God’s kids and God wants good things for his children.