From Saviors Tear in Managua, Nicaragua

Elaine and I are excited at what God has done at Oasis de Esperanza and in the lives of the children who attend. It hardly seems possible that so much has happened in what seems like a short period of time. What begin in a three-walled building with dirt floors has now grown into a walled facility with eleven classrooms, restrooms, a kitchen, a cafetorium, and a place where kids can be kids.

It’s a safe place where for four hours each day they don’t have to cope with things such as gang violence, physical and sexual abuse, drugs, prostitution, and other vile things that are common to those neighborhoods. It’s a place where the Spirit and peace of God dwells and our kids know and learn about Him on a daily basis, to sing praises to Him, and to have a relationship with Him.

Your role, as intercessors, supporters, and friends is every bit as important in this work as anything Elaine and I are doing. While we may be the “boots on the ground” it’s your help that allows us to help walk out this vision God gave ten years ago. We believe we are just “scratching the surface” of what God wants to do and that He has great things planned in the lives of our students. We can only pass along our gratitude for standing with us and believing in us and this work God has called us to in Nicaragua. With your prayers, support, and help good seeds are being sown into hundreds of lives that will bear fruit long after we are gone. On behalf of our kids in Nicaragua, we say thank you, God bless you, and may you receive hundredfold blessings for being such a blessing to so many. We wish each of you could be able to hear the gratitude and see the happiness in the faces of the lives you’re helping to change. God bless you always.

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