Oasis de Esperanza Graduation

December is a special month for the students at Oasis de Esperanza; it’s the end of school with a two-month vacation ahead, it’s Christmas time, and it’s graduation time for Pre-K and 6th grade students. Nicaragua has three graduation events, Pre-K, 6th grade, and 12th grade and they are a big deal.

As you can see the Pre-K kids wear caps and gowns and 6th graders even wear ties!  This year was a very special and emotional time for our 32 6th grade graduates as well as for Elaine and me.  This year’s class included students who have been with us since the school opened its doors. They were our first Pre-K students and have now graduated from 6th grade.  We remember them as scared toddlers, many who suffered major separation anxiety when their parent(s) left them with us but in the eight years they have been with us we have been blessed to watch them mature physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  They are half way through their education and our prayer is that they will continue with their education through high school and hopefully into college.

Children especially those like ours who come from a very low economic environment, are not encouraged to get an education and if they go at all the parents believe they will learn all that’s necessary by 6th grade. We are trying very hard to break that mindset and encourage both parents and children of the advantages education allows.

Now because of the Ministry of Education’s approval of our curriculum, your support and God’s favor, these 6th graders will have the opportunity to continue their secondary education at Oasis de Esperanza.

Our prayer, and we ask for yours as well, is that the Ministry of Education will also approve our pending application and curriculum for high school education through 12th grade.

It’s with joy and gratitude that we present our    Pre-K, 6th grade (Managua campus), and 6th grade (Salinas Grande campus) graduates and world changers!

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