Peace in the Midst of the Storm

April 18th was an exciting day for us. Since moving to the new school facility we have held a monthly church service and it’s always a wonderful experience. The service is not only for school children and parents but also for the entire neighborhood, a good way to build on our relationship with the community.

As Elaine and I drove to the school that morning we were surprised to see banners and flags throughout the neighborhood, flags of the Sandinista (Socialist) party. We know the neighborhood is predominantly Sandinista but we try to ignore politics and make our work simply about Jesus. We learned that there was to be a political rally that day and knew church attendance would take a back seat to politics.

When we were inside the school walls, the crowd was very small and we were heartbroken that so many would be attending a political function and so few would be coming to church. We also serve a God who is much bigger than any political party! My wife went outside the school gates, unescorted I might add, and simply began inviting the political attendees to church. She told them there would be time for politics later but we wanted them to attend church services.

Amazingly, but not to God or her, people began coming through the gate. When services began there were over 300 people seated and ready for church.

It was an amazing day to say the least. As with most Sandinista rallies there were fireworks all around but inside the church/school walls there was an indescribable peace. Over 300 people praised, worshiped and learned of God’s love for them. The children were released to Sunday School while the adults/parents received a message from a guest evangelist.

In the midst of the “storm” of fireworks, God touched hearts and nine adults made the decision for Christ! God was not going to allow a political rally, fireworks or any distraction to interrupt the assembling of His people.

There are nine new citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven, a great testimony to our God!

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