2013 School Year

ST 2013 Morning Aft ClassesOasis de Esperanza began its 9th school year in February with ~450 children enrolled in Pre-K through 10th grades.  The staff consists of fourteen teachers, two administrators, three kitchen workers, two housekeepers, and two security guards.  Quite a change from our beginning with 80 children and four teachers!  Our vision has not changed; providing a free Christian-based education in a safe environment along with two nutritious meals/day.  The school offers a full curriculum, including English.

PRAYER REQUEST:     The school has applied to the Nicaragua Ministry of Education (MINED) for approval of 11th grade.  This will be the last request needed for a completed school curriculum (11th grade is equivalent to US 12th grade).  All of our paperwork and required documentation is in order but MINED is making things difficult, simply because they can.  Please pray that the request is expedited and approved, that those in power at MINED will suddenly and without explanation have their minds changed to give favor and approval to the application.

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