Manual Arts Fair 2013

ST Manual ArtsFor the past five years Oasis de Esperanza had taught a Manual Arts class for student in Secundaria (6-10) grades.  The students are taught to not only sharpen their skilling in making items such as gift bags, cards, jewelry boxes, etc. but to be creative in the design of their crafts.  Each year a Manual Arts fair is held for public and private schools in Nicaragua.  Oasis de Esperanza students again won FIRST PLACE in the competition!!  This is the third time in four years of competing that Oasis de Esperanza has won the competition, proof again that our students can not only compete but also win in competition with any school in Nicaragua!!  Prizes included a laptop computer, flash drives, and dictionaries.  So very proud of our kids and their talents.  Their acceptance speech always begins with giving “God the glory” for their accomplishments.

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