Words cannot begin to describe the joy and emotion of Oasis de Esperanza having its first baptism service.

ST Baptistm Nivo 2013Thirteen people, twelve students and one adult, completed the discipleship course and on October 6 were baptized as a public profession of their faith.  This culminated nine years of praying and building relationships with both students and parents that the Word of God and Biblical teaching would result in their asking Jesus to come in to their hearts.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, and extended family were all in attendance with a “dinner on the grounds” meal served to everyone after church and baptism services.  We prepared for 500 meals and “loaves and fishes” multiplied it to 600 but unfortunately there were still some who were not fed.  It was a beautiful service and experience.  We believe this will be the spark that ignites an evangelism explosion in not only our students in the school but also the entire neighborhood.  Our Administrator (Principal) told me that when he arrived at the school the following morning there were adults and parents waiting and asking when the next discipleship classes began because they wanted to enroll and be baptized!  God is good, faithful, and hears our prayers!!

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