2014 – The New Year

As the school and calendar year comes to an end it’s time to reflect on accomplishments, shortcomings, self-appraisals, and seek God for the future.  For the past year or two God has been speaking to me about the futures of our students when they complete their education.  Elaine and I have discussed and prayed about this and we believe that the next step for Savior’s Tear is to establish a vocational education facility for older students and graduates.  Our students need some sort of marketable skill that will allow them to not only qualify for a job but also to be able to make a living for themselves and hopefully a family.  In January we will begin by teaching sewing to the young ladies and baking/bakery skills to the young men but that’s only the beginning.  We feel like God is leading us to develop marketable skills such as welding, electricity, construction, masonry, and auto mechanics.  Again this is in the “fleece throwing” phase, we’re simply trying to hear and obey God, but we feel in our spirits that this is the next step in where He is leading the ministry.  Should we receive confirmation that this is in fact God’s next plan for the ministry then there’s much to be done.  Our existing school facility is at capacity, there is no room to expand, in fact our soccer team has to practice in the street outside the school, so we would have to look at additional property to purchase and set up for vocational training.  Equipment costs and instructor salaries would have to be considered as well.  We have received some confirmations about the vision and the program as God has put people in our paths who have the same concerns about teaching vocational skills to the older students so we feel like this is heading in the right direction.  Elaine and I both feel this is what God is wanting for the next phase of the ministry and we are praying and waiting for Him to open doors and guide us, the last thing we want is to get in front of Him.

We also feel strongly, as do our Administrators, that 2014 is going to be a year to both emphasize and focus upon evangelism and discipleship.  We and the school have spent nine years developing and strengthening relationships with students, parents, and community and we feel that the season is right for moving evangelism and discipleship to the forefront of the ministry’s priority list.  The impact and response from the baptism service affirmed that people are ready and anxious to hear the Good News and know more about a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We also believe God wants us to increase the frequency of church services at the school from monthly to semimonthly and movie nights to monthly instead of quarterly.

It’s a big vision, larger than we imagined but then we have to remind ourselves that we serve a big God who brings His visions to fruition in His time and in His way.  It’s exciting!!

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