Graduation 2013

ST Graduation PhotoOn December 9 Oasis de Esperanza held their annual graduation ceremony for students graduation from pre-K to 1st grade and from 6th grade to Secundaria (high school). Obviously it’s an emotional time for us because we’ve watched these children grow and mature before our very eyes and it makes us so happy to see the pride and sense of accomplishment on their faces. Few if any have ever completed or accomplished anything in their entire lives but with graduation it confirms to them that if they work hard and are diligent nothing is beyond their abilities and goals are achievable.

PRAYER REQUEST: Unfortunately the student dropout rate increases after 6th grade. Many students receive little or no encouragement/support from their parent(s) and many parents are barely literate and they do not want one of their children being smarter than they are. Also parents with little or no education do not realize the value of education, feel it’s useless and that the child’s time could be better served in working and helping to feed the family so many are literally forced or intimidated into leaving school. Oftentimes it is not the fault/choice of the student but pressure from parent(s) or other family members. Please pray that in the coming year(s) Oasis de Esperanza will have 100% retention of students and that both they and their parents will realize the value of an education and encourage their children to stay in school.

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