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We have sad news to report & ask for your prayers. On April 20th, one of our 8th grade students, 17 year-old Wilber Molina, was shot & killed. I don’t have all the particulars of the incident but it seems Wilber and another young man were in a cemetery, doing what I don’t know, but apparently they startled a security guard who fired his shotgun, fatally striking Wilber in the back. Needless to say, this has devastated our students & teachers at the school. Everyone is accustomed to Read more [...]
When God planted the vision for a Christian school, His vision did not stop with simply Christian education, it included spiritual as well as physical feeding. years ago, I recall hearing a couple of sayings that have since become very personal to Elaine and me: “hungry bellies have no ears” and “it’s hard to tell someone Jesus loves them when their stomach is growling.” With approximately half our enrollment living in or in proximity to the Managua dump ground, a nutritious meal is Read more [...]
When the 2012 school year began in late February, a long-standing prayer was finally answered and it’s an indescribable blessing to the school, our teachers, and especially our students. Eight years ago when we opened the doors to Oasis de Esperanza, we barely had room to turn around and certainly no way to prepare meals onsite. As the school continued to grow and even after moving to a larger location we still faced the same old problem. For seven years all meals were prepared in a home on Read more [...]