Thank You for Your Support

Elaine and I want to thank each of you for your standing beside us for the 9+ years of this work in Nicaragua.  While it’s become nothing like we envisioned it’s becoming exactly as God envisioned.  God has been so faithful in giving us exactly what we need and the perfect time and he does that through the prayers, friendship, and support of people like you who believe in us and this work God has called us to in Nicaragua.

I could take up many more pages in sharing examples of how God and Oasis de Esperanza has been changing the lives of hundreds of children through the years.  There are stories that would break your heart, stories that would cause you to weep, stories to make you laugh, and stories to simply make you shake your head in awe of God’s goodness.  Elaine and I are blessed to see and experience first-hand what God is doing and it has been an indescribable blessing to watch these children grow in the Lord and then to see the change it brings to the lives of their parents and families.  I would frequently tell people that Elaine and I would probably not live long enough to see the fruit of what God is doing through Oasis de Esperanza but last October while baptizing the 13 children who had made decisions our friend and translator leaned toward me and said “Pastor Wayne you said you wouldn’t live long enough to see the fruit of yours and Miss Elaine’s labors but you were wrong, you’re seeing the first of the fruit today.”  God has blessed and allowed us to see a glimpse of the progress made in the lives of our students and for that we are very grateful. I’ll share one quick example with you; the girl who graduated with honors in this year’s 6th grade class is the child of a prostitute.  This young lady has the voice of an angel and God has a wonderful future for her life.

We are also grateful to all of you who stand with us.  Elaine and I are simply the “boots on the ground” but there is precious little we could do without your prayers and support (spiritual and financial).  You are sowing seed in to fertile ground and God has told us that we are just scratching the surface of what He has planned for this project.  We pray that God will continue to lead you to stand with us through your prayers, support, and child sponsorship.  Our prayer is that God will multiply the blessing you have been to me, Elaine, and the hundreds of children at Oasis de Esperanza.  With your help God is changing Nicaragua one child at a time with hope and a future but most importantly they are securing their homes in Heaven through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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